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We are now bringing holiday cheer inside the home! Garland, wreaths, Christmas Tree Decor! Available for commercial and residential.


Christmas Lights

Whether you already have a plan in mind, or you don’t know where to begin we can help! Call us now!


Christmas Tree Decor Package

We now offer pre-packed Christmas Tree Decor Sets



LA Christmas Lights Installers are dedicated to bringing holiday joy to our customers and creating an ever-lasting Christmas memory. We started with family homes and work to keep the same traditions and principles as we expand


These guys are great! […] I will use them again every year.


You guys are the best! You did a great job! Thank you!


Thanks so much for doing SUCH a great job!!!


Great Job + Look Forward to seeing you back next year!



Quick Quote? What is This?

The Quick Quote form gives our representative an idea of what your property looks like. This allows them to develop ideas for a design that will be discussed at the time of your quote. Essentially, this helps save time during the actual quote.

Do I need to be present for a quote?

Yes. Having you present during the quote makes it much easier for us to provide exactly what you want. To give us an idea of what you want before the actual quote, click here for our quick quote form. We can develop a plan/custom design before we arrive. Price will be determined once the property has been assessed for difficulties and time constraints.

When do the lights come down?

A LA Christmas Light Installers representative will contact you the first week of January to inform you when we will be in your area for take down. Unless otherwise desired, all your lights will be taken down by the last week of January.

Do you provide Hanukkah or other non-Christmas light installations?

Yes! Don’t let our name fool you; we can provide/install decorative lighting of any kind.

Do you sell lights?

Yes! We we’re happy to sell lights, even without an installation.

My lights aren't turning on!

Often times your lights will not turn on due to a GFI (Ground Fault Interceptor) outlet turning off. GFI outlets will shut off when moisture is detected as a safety feature. It is simple to reset your GFI outlet. Locate the outlet that isn’t working, check to make sure the lights and cords are dry, then push in the reset button. If this doesn’t work, there may still be moisture present, or there may be other electrical issues.