Frequently Asked Questions

As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us via phone call, text, email or social media. For your convenience we have created a brief FAQ list below where you may find your question already answered. 

Do you have a price list?

Because every property is different in many ways it's difficult to make guesses as to cost blindly. Over the years we’ve found that a lot of companies who quote estimates without taking the time to evaluate the location and get a thorough understanding of the clients vision are not only setting the client up for unnecessary surprises, but could also be jeopardizing the installation as a whole. We are happy to provide a free estimate in order to ensure your installation goes smoothly from installation to removal. 

How long has LA Christmas Light Installers been in business?

LA Christmas Light Installers has been in business since 2010. With over 10 years of experience we pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and customer service skills. LA Christmas Light Installers is fully insured to make certain our clients are protected against any damage or liability.  

Does LA Christmas Light Installers subcontract its installations?

No, we never contract out any of our installations. We only install with our own crew who are all trained and insured LA Christmas Light Installers employees. This ensures the quality of your installation

Do I need to purchase the lights and decorations?

No! The rental of all lights, decor, and equipment are included in the price of our service. No need to run to the store plus we use commercial grade lights that are superior to those in the big box stores.

When will my lights be installed?

We start installing lights in October, contact us now to get signed up for some of our Early Bird Discounts! We collect a 50% deposit to schedule your installation date. Sometimes we will schedule a date range so we can accommodate as many clients as possible and will provide you with a date your lights will be installed no later than

When will my lights be removed?

Your lights will be removed no later than January 31st. Since we take the installations down based on geographic area, we schedule the takedown dates once all our installations have been completed. We do our best to accommodate desired takedown dates, and will come out to “power off” the lights early if we are not able to meet your exact date.

What happens if my lights aren’t working properly?

Call, text or email us!  We include free maintenance within 24 hours with the cost of our service. We also have several handy troubleshooting guides here to assist you with the most common problems and get your installation back up and running in no time. You can also fill out out Maintenance Service Request Form and someone will be out shortly. 

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