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Film & TV Holiday Lighting

At LA Christmas Light Installers our brand identity will always be the holidays. There’s nothing we love more than creating extravagant outdoor displays to be enjoyed during the holiday season. Over the years we’ve branched out into using that same consistent design strategy to collaborate on different film projects to create the perfect holiday backdrop on screen. 

Looking For Inspiration?

One of the biggest benefits to hiring LA Christmas Light Installers is our comprehensive design consultation. We believe that overall consistency is key to a flawless installation every time. If you find yourself not knowing exactly what you’re looking for, our Gallery is a great place to start. 

Let's Make It Simple

As a personal service to our clients, current and prospective, we’ve simplified the installation process to be more customer focused and stress free. 

We’ve found that a lot of companies who quote estimates without taking the time to evaluate the location and get a thorough understanding of the clients vision are not only setting the client up for unnecessary surprises, but could also be jeopardizing the installation as a whole. 

When we developed our Simple 3 Step process, we focused on the portions that would allow us to continue creating top tier designs while making the process nearly effortless for our clients.

Simple 3 Step Process

Design Consultation

Every installation begins with a complimentary design consultation. A design specialist will communicate with you about your vision; then they'll complete a property walk through to finalize the proposed design and ensure that the next steps are seamless.

Design Approval & Installation

Upon Finishing the design quote, your specialist will send it over for final approval. There you will have further opportunity to customize your desired options. Your installation date will then be scheduled and our team of specialists will perfect your custom lighting design.

Removal & Storage

When filming has wrapped- don't worry about the removal of the lights; our team of specialists will make sure that everything looks like the lights were never there. The best part is- because the lights are rented, you don't have to worry about replacing bulbs, fixing strands, or finding space to store everything; it's all included.

Our All Inclusive Process Makes Decorative Lighting Easy

Every Installation Includes:

Light Rental

We charge a flat fee for the lights, not for the duration the lights are installed.


No Surprise Mark-up for additional labor.


If a problem should arise, we'll have a specialist out within 24 hours.


We don't charge you a second time to take the lights down.

Productions We've Worked With

LA Christmas Light Installers has been behind the scenes designing and installing unique holiday displays for a variety of live as well as filmed productions. Not only do we make the process of working with us virtually effortless, our team of designers and installers deliver clean concise designs consistently.   

LA Christmas Light Installers Is Happy To Provide

FREE Lighting Installation Estimates.