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Residential Holiday Lighting

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your house covered in holiday decorations. What if this year, you could have that same feeling without all of the added headaches that await you as soon as you pull the boxes out of storage.

Here at LA Christmas Light Installers we’ve simplified our customer experience; whether you live in a neighborhood that has themed holiday light displays, or your looking for a more traditional look for the holidays our team of designers and installers will take the stress out of putting up your lights, and instead make it an illuminating  experience.  

Looking For Inspiration?

One of the biggest benefits to hiring LA Christmas Light Installers for your holiday lighting is our comprehensive design consultation. We believe that overall consistency is key to a flawless installation every time. If you find yourself not knowing exactly what you’re looking for, our Gallery is a great place to start. 

Let's Make It Simple

As a personal service to our clients, current and prospective, we’ve simplified the installation process to be more customer focused and stress free. 

We’ve found that a lot of companies who quote estimates without taking the time to evaluate the location and get a thorough understanding of the clients vision are not only setting the client up for unnecessary surprises, but could also be jeopardizing the installation as a whole. 

When we developed our Simple 3 Step process, we focused on the portions that would allow us to continue creating top tier designs while making the process nearly effortless for our clients.

Simple 3 Step Process

Design Consultation

Every installation begins with a complimentary design consultation. A design specialist will communicate with you about your vision; then they'll complete a property walk through to finalize the proposed design and ensure that the next steps are seamless.

Design Approval & Installation

Upon Finishing the design quote, your specialist will send it over for final approval. There you will have further opportunity to customize your desired options. Your installation date will then be scheduled and our team of specialists will perfect your custom lighting design.

Removal & Storage

When the holidays are over, we'll reach out to schedule your removal; our team of specialists will make it look like the holidays never happened. The best part is- because the lights are rented, you don't have to worry about replacing bulbs, fixing strands, or finding space to store everything; it's all included.

Our All Inclusive Process Makes Decorative Lighting Easy

Every Installation Includes:

Light Rental

We charge a flat fee for the lights, not for the duration the lights are installed.


No Surprise Mark-up for additional labor.


If a problem should arise, we'll have a specialist out within 24 hours.


We don't charge you a second time to take the lights down.

Areas We Service

LA Christmas Light Installers is proud to service a wide span of Greater Los Angeles County. 

Below is a list of a few cities; as always, feel free to give us a call about service in your area. 

Manhattan Beach | Culver City | Westchester | Beverly Hills | Pasadena | Bel Air | Brentwood | Calabasas | Hidden Hills | Pacific Palisades

Properties We Work With

We understand the complexities of proper lighting design, installation and maintenance for a wide range of properties. From residential homes, to large commercial properties, we have the knowledge and experience to not only make sure your design is unique but that the installation process is virtually effortless for you. 

To make the most of this holiday season, contact us now and schedule your complimentary design consultation.

Private Communities

Corporate Offices

Homes & Estates


Entertainment Venues

Car Dealerships

Hotels & Resorts

Movie & TV Productions

Malls & Shopping Centers


Innovative LED Lighting-

Blends Effortlessly Into ANY Roofline.

Our year round lighting installations includes Inception Lighting- the first practical & affordable application of customizable color changing lighting. With a one-time, permanent installation, you can use any web browser, smart phone or tablet using our cloud-based control solution to change your lighting to fit your mood, season, holiday or event. 

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